Low High

Overall Water Stress

  • Fracked well
  • Arid & Low Water Use
  • Low (< 10%)
  • Low to medium (10 - 20%)
  • Medium to high (20 - 40%)
  • High (40 - 80%)
  • Extremly high (> 80%)

Hydraulically Fractured Oil and Gas Production in Water Stressed Regions

Ceres evaluated water use for 109,665 oil and gas wells that were hydraulically fractured over the past five years (January 2011 through January 2016) in regions with varying levels of water stress. Water stress is indicated by percentages that reflect the amount of available water that is already allocated for municipal, industrial and agricultural uses. For more information on this analysis, including action steps for companies and investors involved in this space, go to www.ceres.org/fracking

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